Middle Tier Developer / DevOPS

Job Title-Middle Tier Developer / DevOPS

Location- Redmond-WA


  • Keeping the Service Fabric clusters on supported versions of Fabric runtime: i.e. performing cluster upgrades periodically.
  • Maintaining Service Fabric cluster: diagnose and fix the cluster health issues of cluster, nodes and services.
  • Diagnose and fix application deployments issues.
  • Rolling out certificates and performing configuration upgrades.
  • Writing and maintaining the automation workflows for Service Fabric related operational activities.

it’s a dev-ops role and both skills are very important.

Successful candidates will have experience in designing, implementing and shipping complex commercial products or cloud services; have demonstrated excellence in designs and code they have produced; be a creative thinker that is able to develop features that map to customer needs. A proven ability to write secure, reliable and maintainable code and then effectively test and debug it is a must.

Technologies needed-

Microsoft .NET Framework (C#) – Mandatory

Windows Workflow Foundation

PowerShell Scripting

Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

Distributed Computing


Please upload your CV in PDF format.